Tuesday, June 21, 2011

ABCOrder 1.0.2 Released on AppStore

A new version of ABCOrder has been released on the Apple AppStore.

The new version gives you an option in Settings to turn on the alphabet during a quiz. When this new setting is on, during a quiz, you will see the alphabet in both upper and lower case at the bottom of the screen.

This feature is designed for younger users who are still learning the alphabet, and provides a visual guide to help them alphabetize words.

Thank you to the user who suggested this in a review! Your input is greatly appreciated!

The new setting is OFF by default, so you will need to enable it in Settings if you want to use it.


  1. I love this app and use it in the library with my students. I updated my iPad to OSi5 and now the app kicks students out when they get one wrong (instead of turning it red and giving them a chance to try again!) Please fix it fast!!

  2. Thank you for letting me know about this. I just tried it out and as expected have the same issue. It looks like something did change in iOS 5 that affects the way the color coding is done. I will work to get a fix as soon as possible and post here when it is complete. Thank you again for the feedback, it is greatly appreciated!!

  3. I just submitted version 1.0.3 to the Apple AppStore. It should correct the crash issues you reported, as well as a few others I discovered with iOS5. Typically it takes Apple about a week to approve application submissions, but once they approve it, it will be available for you to update.

    Thank you again for reporting the bug!

  4. It looks like version 1.0.3 got approved already - never had one that fast! When you get a chance, could you update your app and see if you get good results with iOS5? Thanks again for reporting this.