Friday, February 4, 2011

ABCOrder App Released!

The ABCOrder app has been released for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch!

View the Listing in iTunes for this app


ABCOrder is an application designed to help kids practice putting words into alphabetical order.

I found my 2nd grade son was having trouble each week putting his spelling words into alphabetical order. It was pointless to sit down and work with him on paper - he'd just get frustrated having to write words, erase words, write more words, etc., only to find he was almost done, but forgot one in the middle of the list.

He's a big computer/video game fan, so I put together this application to allow him to sort words with a simple drag and drop interface. It gives immediate feedback as to which words are in the correct order, and highlights the first word that is out of order. You can try as many times as necessary to get the words in the correct order.

The application features the following:

1. Over 2,000 built in words.
2. Ability to maintain up to 10 custom lists - you can input your child's spelling list for the week and let them practice with their own words.
3. Categories such as 1st through 4th grade, focus on given letters, and themes (holidays, vehicles, sports, etc.)
4. Randomly generated lists - the ability to have the system randomly generate a list from all of the built-in words. This keeps the application fresh, as you can have different words every time you try it. You can control the number of words to display in the random list.

The application has a simple interface and gets right to the point. As I always tell my friends, it doesn't fart, and you can't use it as a flashlight, but with any luck it will help your child do better with their ABC order!