Monday, March 21, 2011

Sight n Sound Released!

Our 2nd application, Sight n Sound is now available for the iPhone/iPod touch/iPad on the Apple AppStore.

Sight n Sound is designed for a younger audience. The application is built around a set of flashcards and various activities involving those flashcards. The idea is that you will start with the more basic options such as matching pictures and getting familiar with the words and starting letters associated with each flashcard. Then you can move into more advanced options such as figuring out what letters are missing, working with upper and lower case letters, etc.

Here's a description of the various modes:

Flashcard Mode
Allows you to pick a category and scroll through the flashcards. Each flashcard shows a picture, the first letter of the word, and the word itself. Some flashcards have sound attached to them as well.

Association Mode
Contains levels for many different ages. Each association mode is broken up by category - so you can run through Animals, Nature, Vehicles, Sports, etc.

Each mode is described below:

"Word to Picture" mode shows you a picture and gives you 4 words to choose from. You have to pick the correct word.

"Picture to Picture" is for the younger crowd - it shows a picture, then gives you 4 possible choices (other pictures). You pick the picture that matches the big one.

"Picture to Word" mode shows you a word and gives you 4 pictures to choose from. You have to pick the correct picture.

"Missing First Letter" mode shows you a picture and a word that is missing the first letter. You have 4 letters to choose from, and must pick the correct missing letter.

"Random Missing Letter" is similar to "Missing First Letter", however a randomly selected letter will be missing.

In Flashcard and Association modes, you can use settings on the main menu to decide whether to work with upper or lower case letters.

The final two modes are fun and games that allow you to work with the same set of flashcards.

Matching is a concentration game. You can select from a few different skill levels that controls how many cards are in the deck.

Soundboard presents 8 randomly selected flashcards and you can click on them to play the sounds associated with them.

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