Thursday, March 22, 2012

New iPad App Released - Just Show Me Sports Edition

10 seconds left in the game…. your team is down by 1. In the huddle, you talk through the greatest play ever, sure to win the game…. only to be met with blank stares and questions from your players! "Coach, I don't understand!". "Coach, am I supposed to be over here or over there?". "Coach, this doesn't make sense!". "Why don't you JUST SHOW ME!"

Just Show Me Sports Edition is designed for coaches that want to demonstrate exactly what is expected of their players. Turn your iPad into an interactive clipboard that allows you to do the following:

- Choose from over 30 sports fields (basketball, football, baseball, tennis, ice hockey, volleyball, etc.)

- Drag players and balls onto the field where they can be resized, rotated and moved around.

- Customize 5 teams with the names and number of your own players. No longer are players represented with meaningless circles and squares. You can actually drag each player onto the field wherever you want them.

- Ability to save and open your files. There is no limit to the number of files you can save. For example, you might setup the field layout for Inning 1 as one file, Inning 2 as another file, etc. No more last minute decision making as players crowd around you asking to play certain positions. If a player doesn't show up, no problem. Simply drag them off the field and drag a new player on wherever you want them.

- Design drills and plays using drawing features. Drawing features include free draw mode, straight line mode, arrow drawing mode, circle mode (filled and unfilled) and rectangle mode (filled and unfilled). Arrows are great to indicate directional movement, while circles and rectangles are useful to indicate the zones and areas you expect players to remain in. Save each drill and play so it can be quickly accessed when needed.

- Unlimited undo for your drawings.

- Ability to export your work into Photos. Once exported, you can share it with other people. Imagine posting your lineup or drills online, or emailing them to all of the players on your team.

- Great for educational purposes. Ask your players to design a basketball trap, or an ice hockey offense, or a soccer defense, etc. to demonstrate that they understand what they should be doing on the field. Combine this with AppleTV's ability to show any application on the iPad on a TV, and your coaching staff sessions become a whole lot more meaningful as you talk through strategy and ideas.

Just Show Me Sports Edition takes the guess work out of coaching and makes it simple and fun to communicate your ideas.

Click here to view the iTunes listing.

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